Cherryfalls – For All My Sins

Back in 2003 the four members of Cherryfalls had played just three gigs and hadn’t even settled on a name when Island Records MD Nick Gatfield saw them play in the back room of a London pub. This encounter led the band to become the first in many years to be offered a development deal by Island. Just three months into this deal the label decided they were ready to be a proper band and signed them up to a recording contract, which led to the release of this single.

Cherryfalls’ sound is a mixture of Snow Patrol, Stereophonics and Radiohead, which I know will either have you leaping around in excitement or weeping onto your keyboard in the knowledge that at some point this band are going to be called the new Coldplay. While this band have all the elements that make those who have come before them so popular, Cherryfalls’ own take the lilting rock motif turns them into a bit of an anyband UK. Time will tell if this will propel them to stardom or down to the bargain bin.

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Label: Island
Release date: 17th May 2004


  • For All My Sins
  • Do It Yourself (Woowah’s Boodwah Demo)
  • Life (Spud Sessions)

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