Charlotte Hatherley – Behave (CD Review)

Cover ArtCharlotte is beginning the launch of her second solo album (‘The Deep Blue’ due in March of next year) with a single taken from it. ‘Behave’ has a light and coquettish feel to its bouncy guitars, collage rock tempo changes and sweet nature. As an indication of things to come we can expect a rock pop album chockablock with singles and some suprises to be sure.

A supporting cast of tracks includes the feisty ‘Mr Ed.’ and the sublime (almost Fantastic Plastic Machine) aquatic lounge of ‘Cousteau’. Finally, the remix of ‘Behave’ from Luke Smith is blindingly good as well and should be filling dancefloors everywhere.

Label : Little Sister Recordings
Release Date : 18 December 2006
Website :


  • Behave
  • Mr. Ed
  • Cousteau
  • Behave (Luke Smith Remix)
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