Champion Kickboxer – Perforations (Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation)

This is a quiet, modest piece of work and a striking antidote to the thrashing, poppy sound of their contemporaries. The Sheffield four-man band are not trying not to be like everyone else but simply aren’t. The music expresses clearly how well crafted a record this is, having taken four years to hone and only arriving two years after debut single ‘Like Him + Her + Her + Me’ with its tinkling piano keys. ‘Get On Up’ features haunting vocals and title track ‘Perforations’ uses interesting melodies that reflect a refusal to give in to current fashions and instead turn to its own agenda. Though it is all quite pleasant in its meaningful expression of their urban setting – there is an unusual use of the background sound of Sheffield Council blowing up blocks of flats – the songs as a whole, at this low a key, do drag a bit, at such a length, and the lead vocals are slightly monotonous. ‘Thinking’ ponders carefully, within its sweeping orchestration of strings and melodies, and shows the record is good at what it just is. This is not the indie cup of tea for the majority who like it very obviously loud and clear but will reach out to the listeners who like a minimal, low toned quality to their sound. RM (CMU)

Release Date: 5 Jun

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