Cathy Davey – Come On Over EP

“I’m not spiteful but I like the way spite comes across,” says 25 year old Dubliner Cathy Davey. This short sentence pretty much sums up the music on the Come On Over EP; sweetly sung and softly played the undertones of nastiness give the songs a power that might not have otherwise been there. The music is akin to the likes of PJ Harvey and Carina Round but is marked out against these two by Davey’s soft Irish accent, which differes in strength throughout the four songs, and the unorthodox recording techniques of producer Ben Hillier and his collection of pre-war Russian microphones.

An album is due later this year.

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Label: Regal
Release date: 19 April 2004


  • Come Over
  • Hammerhead
  • Save Button
  • My Surprise
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