Catherine Feeny – Hurricane Glass (CD Review)

Catherine Feeny has a winsome style and mellow voice that seems to carry pain and misery with ease. There is a trend in these songs to tug at heartstrings, there are the plucked guitars and mournful strings that lay the emotion down with trowel. Overall this tends to make the album rather bland, nothing really grabs you as you listen. In short this is a great album to do something else to where any music that is compelling and demands attention would distract you.

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While it will probably sell by the bucket load for pleasant dinner party sounds it is still a rather dull and miserable experience that can easily become annoying.

Label : Tall Grass

Release Date : 05 June 2006

Website :


  • Touch Back Down
  • Mr Blue
  • I Still Don’t Believe You
  • Always Tonight
  • Hush Now
  • Radar
  • Unsteady Ground
  • Hurricane Glass
  • No Reply
  • Forever
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