Carina Round – The Disconnection

Carina Round’s sequel to the excellent ‘The First Blood Mystery’ continues her rich vein of high drama singer song writing. The vibe is somewhere between jazz tinged blues and vibrant indie rock that understandably leads to PJ Harvey comparisons. There is an angst that runs deeply through many tracks, especially the explosive opener ‘Shoot’ and the recent single ‘Into My Blood’. But these only show one side of the highly versatile Carina, another side is the husky, slick and emotive that comes to the fore in ‘Lacuna’ and ‘Monument’. ‘Disconnected’ is in fact host to a myriad of voices that soar and growl, it is amazing that one person can create all this. Her debut having been tragically underexposed I can only hope that ‘Disconnected’ gives Carina Round the exposure she deserves.

Label : Disconnected Records

Release Date : 13 October 2003

Website :


  • Shoot
  • Into My Blood
  • Lacuna
  • Paris
  • Monument
  • Motel 74
  • Overcome
  • Sit Tight
  • Elegy
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