Captain – Frontline (CD Review)

Captain are being described as being a rag bag, ‘Breakfast Club’, ensemble from London who are held together by the challenge of making their disparate tastes coalesce into a magic musical whole. In ‘Frontline’ they have a determined and infectious guitar pop song that is all bright and summer loveliness – clearly a perfect choice for a December release. The washed out sound on the backing vocals combine well with the sometimes searing keyboards, while the jangle of guitars float brightly over bass and drums. Altogether, the result is sweet and jumpy.

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There is a smidgen of Don Henley’s ‘Boys of Summer’, a great wad of West Coast pop and a little of twee indie hidden with this debut single. I wonder what they are going to come up with next?

Label : At Large

Release Date : 05 December 2005

Website :

Tracklisting (CD and Ltd White 7″)

  • Frontline
  • This Heart Keeps Beating For Me

Captain are Rik Flynn, Mario Athanasiou, Reuben Humphries, Clare Szembek and Alex Yeo

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