Capdown – Reading Fez, 21 February (Live Review)

Wind Up ToysCapdown returned to Reading for the first time since they came here to hang out with lots of sweaty people in a tent. Lots of people and lots of sweat makes for a smelly mess, but throw in a tent, booze and ska punk, you have some peoples idea of a wet dream on your hands. a fun time had by all.

This time round Capdowns visit could have been seen as a business trip as they were here to promote their new album ‘Wind Up Toys’ so unlike a festival set they were preaching to the converted. When these sort of promotioal tours come to your local venue you can expect a more hardcore following. Capdown always seem to be a safe bet, they played with a oodles of energy and delivered a set packed with old favourites. Refreshing idea, when most bands with a new album to shout about, only shout about how great their shiny new album is and neglecting anything older than their facial hair. This just leaves anyone at the gig who has yet to spend all their week only listening to one thing, lip synching like a twat.

Capdown kept everyone happy, it was the way they slipped in lots of the new stuff amongst the old like it was one big best-of gig, that impressed me. Sounding tight, having the crowd in the palm of your hand also helps a band look good. if you are a hardcore or casual fan your almost certain to have a good old sweaty time next time or elsewhere.

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