Capdown – Live In M.K.

Capdown have recently started work on their long-awaited third studio album but right now the focus is on the release of this live album, which sees the band rip though then classics and one brand new song.

Recorded over two night in Capdown’s home town of Milton Keynes, this album catches the band on top form as they prepare to move into the next stage of their existence, marked with new song Strictly Business. Although this song doesn’t move far from the ska punk fans have come to know and love, the development of vocals and drumming are noticeable.

Although live albums aren’t really designed for attracting new fans, this one could easily do just that; the quality and energy that are kept high throughout, the only real flaw is the fake Jamaican accent that can get irritating. If you’re already a fan of Capdown then this album will keep you more than happy until the new material surfaces.

Label: Gravity DIP
Release date: 2nd May 2005


  1. Kained But Able
  2. Civil Disobedients
  3. Act Your Rage
  4. MV4
  5. Strength In Numbers
  6. Cousin Cleotis
  7. Head Stong
  8. An A-political Stand Of Reasons
  9. Bitches And Nike Shoes
  10. Strictly Business
  11. Ska Wars

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