Cancer – Corporation$ EP

Cancer have been defunct for nearly ten years but this EP marks the band’s return to the UK metal scene. The line up now only features two of the original three members, John Walker (vocals, guitar) and Carl Stokes (drums), though Ian Buchanan does make an appearance with a remix of Oil. The new line up is completed by Adam Richardson from Assert (bass) and Asatru’s Rob Engvikson (lead guitar).

The five tracks on this EP cover just about every area a fan might want; there’s a brand new track to open proceedings (Oil), a new recording of an old song (Witch Hunt) and a Celtic Frost cover (Dethroned Emperor) plus a remix of another new track that brings a touch of the White Zombie sound to the record and finally the clicky, broken remix of Oil. Their approach to technology may be very nineties but it’s nonetheless enthralling to hear a black metal band from the past come back and show the new boys how it’s done.

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Label: Copro
Websites: |
Release date: 17th May 2004


  • Oil
  • Witch Hunt (Hardcore Live In the Studio 2003)
  • Dethroned Emperor (Nasty Nasty Live In The Studio)
  • Oxygen Thieves (Don’t Breathe My Air Remix)
  • Oil (Severed Satchel Hairy Scary Mix)

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