Calexico – Black Heart

Calexico return with another slice of delicious Americana. ‘Black Heart’ is taken from their hugely popular and critically acclaimed album ‘Feast Of Wire’. The original track is complimented here by remixes by GoTan Project amongst others.

The Jazzanova remix of ‘Black Heart’ is somehow faithful to the original while injecting a silky dub that fit’s so well you forget how the original sounds. Following on, with the fantastically titled ‘Attack El Robot! Attack!’, is Wechsel Garland’s reworking. The emphasis changes to enhance the ‘robotic’ elements of the original and deconstructing the rest into a sometime furiously busy affair before letting the calming strains of Calexico return. There is no messing when it comes to the GoTan Project; they start straight in with a pulsing bass sound, keeping the vocals and accordion that both take on a ghostly air in the process.

The Nortec collective (short for Norteño-Techno, famed for mixing high and low tech music) members Panoptica introduce a compelling Latinised dance for ‘Güero Canelo’ – one of the best tracks here, it is full of energy. Finally (as the songs go) we have the iso68 remix of ‘Pepita’, which takes the tempo down and emphasises the drama.

Also included is video footage of Calexico playing the Further Beyond Nashville Festival at the Barbican.

Label : labels

Release Date : 19 April 2004

Website :


  • Black Heart (Original Version)
  • Black Heart (Jazzanova’s White Soul Dub)
  • Attack El Robot! Attack! (… And How He Lost RMX by Wechsel Garland)
  • Quattro (GoTan Project Remix)
  • Güero Canelo (Nortec Mix by Panoptica)
  • Pepita (iso68 Remix)
  • Black Heart (Live At The Barbican Enhanced Portion)

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