Caesars – 39 Minutes Of Bliss (In An Otherwise Meaningless World)

This is the UK debut album from the Swedish 4 piece Caesars. It comes hot on the heels of (and includes) the excellent ‘Fun & Games’ EP and the superb pop punk single ‘Jerk It Out’. Combining sneering vocals, tempered with humour and wit, riding high above their own blend of distorted guitars, sixties organ pieces, seventies rock flourishes and punk intensity. It’s an album fuelled by fun and passion, with each track being a worthy single and catchy as hell. When they do slow down for a more downbeat number Caesars are atmospheric and engaging with ghostly wails and cool nonchalance. This album is indeed 39 minutes of bliss…

Label : Virgin

Release Date : 21 April 2003

Website :


  • Sort It Out
  • (I’m Gonna) Kick You Out
  • Let’s Go Parking Baby
  • Jerk It Out
  • Out Of My Hands
  • Only You
  • Since You’ve Been Gone
  • Crackin’ Up
  • You’re My Favourite
  • Fun And Games
  • Suzy Creamcheese
  • You Don’t Mean A Thing To Me
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