Busface – Love Is Like Oxygen

Busface have, for their debut EP, decided that a nu funk electro breakbeat reinterpretation of Sweet’s ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’. Now, the original was awful sentimental tat of the lowest order but I was positive and pressed play on my CD player with an open mind. Sadly, I couldn’t get the god-awful original out of my mind. Busface have given the song a thorough beating with the electro stick and if you’ve not heard the Sweet doing it you may well love it. Also included is the instrumental of ‘U R The Future’, ‘Boom Boom Baby’ – both of which are a decent trance numbers. Finally, we have the EMP Breathless Mix of ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’, which applies a whole new level of atmospherics to the Busface version.

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Label : Justice Brothers

Release Date : 5 April 2004

Website : www.busface.co.uk


  • Love Is Like Oxygen (Radio Edit)
  • U R The Future (Instrumental Mix)
  • Boom Boom Baby (Album Mix)
  • Love Is Like Oxygen (EMP Breathless Mix)

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