Busdriver – Fear Of A Black Tangent

The latest album from Busdriver is packed full of future classic hip hop tracks. This is aided by the production skills of Daedelus, Danger Mouse, Thavius Beck, Omid and Paris Zax but is mostly down to the awesome skills of Busdriver himself as a lyricist and rapper.

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  • The stand out tracks are Unemployed Black Astronaut, which sounds like a track from Danger Mouse’s infamous Grey Album, Happiness (‘s Unit Of Measurement) and Map Your Psyche, all of which feature expertly fired words that wrap around the music and hit all their targets.

    It may be early but I’m already putting this forward as the best hip hop album released this year. It’s certainly the best I’ve heard in a long time.

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    Label: Big Dada
    Website: www.bigdada.com
    Release date: 28th February 2005


    1. Yawning Zeitgeist Intro (freestyle)
    2. Reheated Pop
    3. Unemployed Black Astronaut
    4. Happiness (‘s Unit of Measurement)
    5. Avantcore
    6. Wormholes
    7. Map Your Psyche
    8. Cool Band Buzz
    9. Note Boom
    10. Low Flying Winged Books
    11. Befriend The Friendless Friendster
    12. Sphinx’s Coonery
    13. Lefty’s Lament
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