Burns Out Bright – Save Yourself A Lifetime

Burns Out Bright have a certain charm about them that meant I didn’t write them off as quickly as I might another band of the same style. I’m just a sucker for good song titles. What I’m not a sucker for though is identikit American indie rock – and there is a lot of it about these days – a category that Burns Out Bright are teetering on the edge of, saved only by quite raw production, the odd cool idea and a quirky humour.

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  • If you’re a fan of Deep Elm Records or bands like The Ataris and Fall Out Boy you’ll recognise this sound. If you’re a Deep Elm veteran then you’ll probably already have something better in your collection (I’d go for Camber) but if you’re new to all this then you could do a hell of a lot worse than this band. They’ve got enough hooks and good melodies to appeal to the masses and enough diversity of style to keep you interested in the long term.

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    Label: Deep Elm
    Website: www.burnsoutbright.com
    Release date: 13th March 2006


    1. The World Is Going To Hell, We Don’t Have A Record Deal And I’ve Never Had A Better Time In My Life
    2. Optimistic Nihilistic
    3. Replication Is The Highest Form Of Replication
    4. Michael Keaton Backlash
    5. Sincerely I
    6. My Other Band Is A Hardcore Band
    7. I Just Want You To Know I Hate Each One Of You For Completely Different Reasons
    8. When Life Feeds You Lemons, Choke On Them And Die
    9. Nothing Keeps The Werewolf Away Like A Silver Bullet
    10. Remember Son, One Day All Of This Will Be Yours

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