Bucci Bag – More Lemonade

Bucci Bag, or Dino Lenny as he is also known, has had much success since ‘Cocaine’ back in ’89. He has been remixing the likes of Underworld and INXS as well as Andrea Doria’s track ‘Bucci Bag’. He like the name so much that he nicked it for himself.

‘More Lemonade’ itself enlists the Scissor Sisters on this poppy, happy, silly and catchy dance number. There are generous quantities of eighties synth amongst the vocals that owe a little to the Bee-Gees circa ‘Staying Alive’. There are a plethora of remixes that come with this release including the bleep’n’bass of Cadgedbaby and the more menacing Mark Wilkinson interpretation.

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Label : Southern Fried Records

Release Date : 15 March 2004

Website : www.southernfriedrecords.com


  • More Lemonade (Scissor Sisters Sticky Tits Radio Edit)
  • More Lemonade (Scissor Sisters Sticky Tits Mix)
  • More Lemonade (Still Version)
  • More Lemonade (Sparkling Version)
  • More Lemonade (Mark Wilkinson VLS Mix)
  • More Lemonade (Cagedbaby’s Babytronic Melonaid Mix)

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