Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny Of Souls (CD Review)

Bruce Dickinson, who may be more familiar as the frontman of Iron Maiden or as a radio Rock DJ, has created a solo album to follow on from 2002’s ‘The Chemical Wedding’ (also re-released this week on Sanctuary). The sound will be familiar to all devotees of Iron Maiden as it is in the mould of their classic early work. The riffs are heavy and delivered at great speed while Bruce’s tuneful screams deliver their tales of Satan, belief and science.

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There are a couple of more ‘acoustic’ numbers like ‘Navigate The Seas Of The Sun’ that show Bruce’s gentler sound. There is a curious electro-metal aside as the intro to ‘Believil’ has a new romantic air, but there is a return to true form as soon as the axes are brought back into play in full force. And it is in the all-out cock-rocking and unashamedly over the top metal tracks (‘Power Of The Sun’, ‘Abduction’, ‘A Tyranny Of Souls’, ‘Soul Intruders’) that this album stands head and shoulders above so much metal. This is an unmissable album for Bruce/Maiden fans and anyone who loves to ROCK!

Bruce is on tour with Iron Maiden at the moment, if you are lucky enough to have tickets to Reading or Leeds then you can catch them headlining.

Label : Mayan/Sanctuary

Release Date : 23 May 2005

Website :

Website :


  • Mars Within
  • Abduction
  • Soul Intruders
  • Kill Devil Hill
  • Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
  • River Of No Return
  • Power Of The Sun
  • Devil On A Hog
  • Believil
  • A Tyranny Of Souls

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