Bright Eyes & Neva Dinova – One Jug Of Wine, Two Vessels

Neva Dinova (appearing courtesy of Crank! Records) are a quintet from Omaha who have been making music since 1992 and records since 2002. Bright Eyes are a band that seemingly has no fixed membership but is centred around the prodigiously talented vocalist, musician, songwriter and owner of Saddle Creek recordings, Conor Oberst. The songs on this album are made up of three new Bright Eyes songs (featuring Neva Dinova) and three new Neva Dinova songs (featuring Bright Eyes).

The album is no less than we would expect from a pairing like this. The songs are beautifully written, touching, intimate and engaging. There is less of the experimentation that Conor Oberst is known for, but it still creeps in and gains a greater effectiveness by its subtlety. There is no point in trying to analyse the contributions of each band; that would detract from the fact that these six great songs are truly great songs.

Bright Eyes are currently touring the US with Jim James and M. Ward (My Mourning Jacket) and will be announcing their new project soon.

Label : Saddle Creek

Release Date : 26 April 2004

Website : Neva Dinova

Website : Bright Eyes


  • Tripped (Neva Dinova featuring Bright Eyes)
  • Black Comedy (Bright Eyes featuring Neva Dinova)
  • Poison (Neva Dinova featuring Bright Eyes)
  • I’ll Be Your Friend (Bright Eyes featuring Neva Dinova)
  • Get Back (Neva Dinova featuring Bright Eyes)
  • Spring Cleaning (Bright Eyes featuring Neva Dinova)

Neva Dinova are Heath Koontz (Bassist/Keyboards/Kitchen Manager/Counselor), Jake Bellows (Guitarist/Vocals), Mike Kratky (Guitarist/Bartender), Michael “Bo” Anderson (Drummer/Attorney-at-Law), Tim Haes (Guitarist) and Roger Lewis (Drums)

As well as Conor Oberst the Bright Eyes Players may include Mike Mogis and Andy Lemaster (Producers/performers), Todd and Clark Baechle (of The Faint), Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor (of Azure Ray), Matt Maginn and Clint Schnase (of Cursive), and Jiha Lee (of The Good Life), amongst others….

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