Breed 77 – In My Blood (En Mi Sangre) (CD Review)

Breed 77’s second album is a metal album in the classic mould. The chugging guitars take brief breaks for the overly complex guitar solos which both combine with the (occasionally comical) screaming vocals. The whole is tinged with sadness, propelled by anger and confusion. The only deviation from the classic rock mould comes from the Spanish guitar folk elements that creep in and rapidly become drowned out in several songs.

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This combination is briefly interesting but the album is a tedious listen to the extent that it became a chore to listen through. The heavy metal hardcore will be likely to welcome this release but this is mostly so by-the-numbers that it could be a spoof record.

Label : Alberts

Release Date : 03 July 2006

Website :


  • Petroleo (You Will Be King)
  • Empty Words
  • Viento De Levante
  • Blind
  • Remember That Day
  • Look At Me Now
  • So You Know
  • The Game
  • Alive
  • Libertad
  • Tears
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