Breed 77 – Cultura

Breed 77 have been around for a long time and I was a great admirer of their first two singles and their excellent gigs in the late nineties, so it was with excitement that I put on this, their second album (I managed to miss the first somehow). What the Gibraltans are supposed to have created here is a unique blend on metal and Mediterranean folk. Maybe that’s already set alarms off in your head but I’m a giving kinda guy, so I gave it a chance. I should have stuck with you.

As much as I try to see Cultura as a clever mix of two very different styles, all I get is an over-the-top metal album. And not over-the-top in a good way; the album is packed full of production, musical, song writing, vocal and lyrical ideas that I can only describe as “ill-advised”. Occasionally you can be lulled into thinking that it’s going to be okay but it’s always, without fail, replaced by something that makes me cringe.

Fans of Therapy? and Alice In Chains might conceivably like Cultura. Then again, I’m a fan of Therapy? and Alice in Chains. Probably best to steer clear.

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Label: Albert Productions
Websites: |

Release date: 3 May 2004


  • Voices
  • Individuo
  • La Ultima Hora
  • A Matter Of time
  • World’s On Fire
  • The River
  • The Only Ones
  • Resurrection
  • Numb
  • Calling Out
  • Eye’s That See ’04
  • Oracion Final
  • Breaking The Silence (Acoustic)
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