Brand Violet – Voodoo

Voodoo Brand Violet have been kicking around the London indie scene for several years now, leaving some of us wondering how it is possible for this band to have remained such a well-kept secret for so long.

It seems that the word is starting to spread, and the release of the Voodoo single ahead of the band’s debut album Retrovision Coma USA confirm that this is a band to watch.

Having seen them live, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could capture the slow-burning energy, power and pure sexual tension of vocalist Sally-Anne Marsh and the band’s impossibly self-contained atom-bomb-in-a-biscuit-tin sound. Voodoo, like Alien Hive Theme before it, comes close.

Making comparisons is a poor and lazy journalist’s way out of doing any work, but I’d file Brand Violet somewhere amongst Man Or Astro Man, Blondie, The Pixies and possibly the Cardigans at their naughtiest and most interesting. Suffice it to say Voodoo would fill the floors of clubs and BDSM clubs alike, with both audiences equally confused and equally enthralled.

LOGO Magazine seems intent on tipping Brand Violet for future success and a bright light in the vanilla-flavoured UK musical soundscape of 2004, and I’m pleased to join them.

Brand Violet / Voodoo’s appeal, and brilliance, lies in the easy reference points that make the band accessible — great for lazy journalists — contrasted against a sound, when those reference points are melted together, that is simply unmistakable.

Do Voodoo!

— JdP

Reviewer: Juan dos Passos

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