Brand Violet – Retrovision Coma USA

If Brand Violet’s first single ‘Alien Hive Theme’ was an Absinthe Aperitif, and recent single ‘Voodoo’ an elegant Cajun starter, then debut album ‘Retrovision Coma USA’ is a tapas extravaganza of (almost) unimaginable proportions.

So: What on earth are Brand Violet trying to *do* … can’t you just hear them all now, scratching their brains (shrunken by an endless, churning, unforgiving diet of Dido, cold cut of Coldplay, Tonic of ‘Phonics … need I continue?)… they are making music that (a gasp, a groan) sounds different. Challenging. Interesting. Powerful. Melodic. Not without humour. Balls. Breasts.

“I don’t get it.” (NB: has Dido, Coldplay, Sting, Katie Melua on her iPod). (NB: she will be dancing to it this summer in a club near you, guaranteed).

Retrovision grabs you without mercy from the start, pounding you senseless with the first three or four tracks (just in case you didn’t get the message) before wandering down some very strange, aggressively cinematic lanes (“You be’er not look too close down those alleys,” Pedro says with a sly, greasy wink. “You might see something you like…”) before coming back at you at the end — with that brick you thought they had put aside back at the start.

At some point, the flashback sets in (or does it?). Throbbing noises, silver saucers, sexual experimentation and strange humanoids with slanted black eyes. (“I can tell you’re upset about this, Dave…”). All this, and more, in under 45 minutes. –
Juan dos Passos

POSTSCRIPT Oh how could we forget dessert? Just received a copy of their new SPUTNIK BRIDE, 3-track EP. But sit awhile! Save some space for afters.

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