Brand Violet – Head

Following on from their previous single, ‘Alien Hive Theme’, Brand Violet are back with ‘Head’. As I struggle to avoid all the predictable jokes regarding that title and listen I am stuck by the fact that I heard many a band sounding like this back in early 90’s. Sally-Anne Marsh’s vocals veer from baby-doll to psychopathic, while the music has a strong American pop-punk flavour. All of this combines to make ‘Head’ sound like Queen Adrena having a happy day. ‘Soul Patch’ starts as if it is going to be a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ and ends up being a rather dull ballad of sorts. The video content on, single, ‘The Liberation Of Tibet’, consists of the band messing about on the beach interspersed with snippets of a live set.

Label : Riverside Records

Release Date : 23 February 2004

Website :


  • Head
  • Soul Patch
  • The Liberation Of Tibet (Video)

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