Blonde Redhead – Misery Is A Butterfly

Managing to quietly sell fifty thousand copies of their last album ‘Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons’ and build up a highly dedicated fan base in the process with little help from the music press is quite an achievement. Blonde Redheads mix, courtesy of their Italian and Japanese roots gently simmered in the musical melting pot that is New York, is uniquely mesmeric. The rich strings, the breathy vocals, the layers of guitars and percussion all build into crescendos of delicate intensity. Tracks like the albums opener, ‘Elephant Woman’ and ‘Anticipation’, immediately immerse you in the wistful cinematic soundscape Blonde Redhead have created. Where Blonde Redhead decide to take it up a notch, as in ‘Maddening Cloud’ and ‘Equus’, we find they can create brilliant (if left field) pop songs that have just the right measure of hooks to succeed without overplaying any part.

Hearing ‘Misery Is A Butterfly’ makes it much easier to understand how they have sold so many records, so quietly. Quality always sells.

Label : 4AD

Release Date : 15 March 2004

Website : 4AD Site / Blonde Redhead

Audio : Blonde Redhead – ‘Misery Is A Butterfly’ [MP3]


  • Elephant Woman
  • Messenger
  • Melody
  • Doll Is Mine
  • Misery Is A Butterfly
  • Falling Man
  • Anticipation
  • Maddening Cloud
  • Magic Mountain
  • Pink Love
  • Equus

Blonde Redhead are Amedeo Pace (Vocals/Guitar/Baritone guitar), Kazu Makino (Vocals/Clarinet/Guitar) and Simone Pace (Drums/Percussion/’Machines’).

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