Blonde Redhead – Misery Is A Butterfly

  • RELEASE DATE: 15th March 2004
  • LABEL: 4AD

Blonde Redhead are that rarest of things -c a band whose voice
has grown stronger, clearer and more distinctive with every
record that they have made. Their reward for this has been
an audience whose numbers have quietly grown over the course
of their career, almost entirely by word of mouth.

“Misery Is A Butterfly” features some of the most tender
music in the Blonde Redhead catalogue ? tracks like
“Anticipation” and “Magic Mountain” swell and shimmer with
wistful melodies and delicately-placed skeins of sound.
Other tracks are more full-blooded, notably Amedeo-written
offerings like “Falling Man” and “Maddening Cloud”, and the
hypnotic, almost tantric “Pink Love” – all three underpinned
by Simone’s potent, multidimensional rhythms. The closer
“Equus” unites the two worlds, its spare, lithe introduction
mutating into a chanted chorus of real intensity.
Throughout, keyboards, violins and cellos swirl through the
mix, conjuring plangent atmospheres and making “Misery Is A
Butterfly” an overwhelmingly fluid and rich counterpoint to
the angluar starkness of Blonde Redhead’s early releases.

All of which goes some way to explaining why “Misery Is A
Butterfly” appears on a new label – 4AD – whose aesthetic
converges almost supernaturally with that of the album. So
far, the new decade has been a time of trauma and exploration
for Blonde Redhead, but also a time of possibilities being
realised and opportunities grasped. “Misery Is A Butterfly”
is the sound of a unique band, gazing towards a unique

4AD Site / Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead – ‘Misery Is A Butterfly’ [MP3]

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