Black Eye Riot – No Hope No Future No Worries

Black Eye Riot comprise mainly ex-members of Acrimony but also share ex-Iron Monkey guitarist Stu O’Hara with The Dukes Of Nothing. This, their debut album, was recorded live in three days with no overdubs and is an intense, chaotic and violent punk rock album.

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Now, I listen to bands like Fantomas and Johnny Truant for my own enjoyment but I’m finding it hard to think of an occasion when I might want to sit down and listen to this (unless I’d had a major falling out with the neighbours). It’s not always easy to work out what exactly is going on and if the CD were any longer than 25 minutes it may cause death in the listener (I’m only speculating there). However, the fact that it is so very heavy is impressive and that alone gets it a few extra points. Still, if you like things like melody, you’d better steer clear. However, if you class hitting yourself with a hammer as a hobby you’ll be more than happy with this.

Label: Undergroove
Website: |
Release date: 26th July 2004


  • Bite The Snake
  • One Of Us
  • Beaten Down, Rising Up
  • Hard Hands, Bad Wounds
  • Hick Fight
  • No Hope, No Future, No Worries
  • Instinct
  • The Big Sleep
  • Capitalise On This
  • Jack Flag

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