Black Dice – Smiling Off (CD Review)

‘Smiling Off’ manages to be both a jarring industrial array of harsh samples and a solid pounding tribal rhythm track. The warped voices give an unsettling feel that is lightened by the high floating riffs that appear throughout. Time is warped in that hazy way that Black Dice are so good at and the result is very satisfying. The available mixes all temper the eccentricities and force a solid dance sound out of the track. The DFA remix does this in their familliar house style while Loumo goes for a more sleazy electro approach. Finally the ZZ Pot remix goes for the industrial aspects and produces a crunching and intense 14 minutes of aural assault that breaks down and reasserts itself in several guises.

Buy ‘Smiling Off’ from
Buy ‘Smiling Off’ from

This is the first single to be taken from the latest Black Dice album (‘Broken Ear Record’ [Click here to buy from Amazon UK/US]) which came out on September 19th.

Label : DFA/EMI

Release Date : 03 October 2005

Website :


  • Smiling Off Video Edit
  • Smiling Off DFA Remix
  • Smiling Off Loumo Remix
  • Smiling Off ZZ Pot Remix

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