Black Car – The Debut LP

This CD was a surprise as soon as I pressed play. With a name like Black Car I was somehow expecting a barrage of screams and a positive tsunami of punked up thrash guitars. What oozed forth from my speakers however was a soulfully read poem accompanied by the simple strums of a gentle guitar and an easy beat of the drum. As I listen on and suddenly I am listening to folk rock, to rock, to gentle ballads and more. The range of this album and its beautifully honed lyrics are a wonder to the ears. The sheer musicianship and precisely judged balance of honest songwriting and the best parts of pop make this an album you must hear.

Black Car is actually a single person, singer-songwriter and guitarist Dan Glendinning (assisted by his brother, Tom, on drums for this recording). The live dates have been restricted to London to date but you should look out for the future tour in the pipeline where you will see Black Car expand to a four piece. I can’t wait…

Label : Altered States

Release Date : 21 July 2003

Website :


  • Alseep At The Wheel
  • Come On Home
  • 100% Proof
  • You’ll Be The End
  • Count Them On One Hand
  • St John
  • Shadows
  • She Makes Me Smile
  • Promises
  • Roadtrip

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