Black Box Recorder – Passionoia

If I was being lazy then I would say Black Box Recorder are like St. Etienne but with a posher singer. Actually, I may stick with that.

Not really. There is more to say…

Black Box Recorder do have that early St. Etienne love of the 1960’s, when Britain was great and Michael Caine was telling us only to blow the bloody doors off. Where BBR differ is they are not as clearly drugs influenced as Cracknel and Co. Instead there is a youthful innocence and spirit of childlike fun blended in with the, sometimes quite dark, humour. Sarah Nixey, veering from Johanna Lumley style posh and breathy pop diva, gives a touch of class to the whole proceedings. The whole album is sun bleached and chilled out – perfect for the start of spring.

In a bizarre twist, one of the greatest tracks on the whole album is a tribute to Andrew Ridgley? Who’d have thought he’d be fondly remembered…

Label : One Little Indian

Release Date : Out Now

Website :


  • The School Song
  • GSOH Q.E.D
  • British Racing Green
  • Being Number One
  • The New Diana
  • These Are The Things
  • Andrew Ridgley
  • Whan Britain Refused To Sing
  • Girls Guide For The Modern Diva
  • I Ran All The Way Home
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