Bjork – Greatest Hits

Bjork’s new collection of career greats is a faultless gem. This won’t come as any kind of surprise to her global army of fans, but for the handful of people who have yet to embrace her highly eccentric, blissed out, electro-brilliance this collection will be an eye opener.

It’s luxurious and revels in heavenly strings, found sounds, mellow beats, and of course that voice. When Bjork sings, her alien inflections, swooping delicacy and frail openness can catch you unawares no matter how much you listen to her. Her endearing, topsy-turvy approach to the English language can often raise a smile. She is truly a unique artist worthy of all the praise lavished upon her. This album bristles with the theatrical, yet never overdone, trademarked sound of Iceland?s queen of pop.

If (and shame on you if this is true) you own no Bjork albums yet then this is an excellent primer. The sort of album that will make you feel a fool for not having bought the source albums. For existing fans this is a handy collection of all your favourites with the bonus of having the new single ‘It’s in our hands’ on it too.

Label : One Little Indian

Release Date : Out Now


  • All is full of love
  • Hyperballad
  • Human Behaviour
  • Toga
  • Bachelorette
  • Army of me
  • Pagan poetry
  • Big time sensuality
  • Venus as a boy
  • Hunter
  • Hidden place
  • Isobel
  • Possibly maybe
  • Play dead
  • It’s in our hands

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