Bitch Alert – Rriot

It’s very easy to dismiss Finnish trio Bitch Alert as a group of Hole wannabes (I know because I did initially). The vocals screamed on top of the band’s music by Heinie bare a passing resemblance to Courtney Love and the music is very heavy and serrated punk, which could be likened to Hole, though it’s actually a lot more spiky.

Hardcore fans will be able to tell anyone who’ll listen that Rriot features three tracks from the Songs For Your Wedding EP (released just over two years ago) and three re-recorded versions of songs from the band’s domestic debut album. That still leaves eight brand new tracks for you to get your teeth into though all spilling over with hate and bile, save for the occasional moment of love.

To bring it back to that unhelpful Hole connection again, if you were disappointed with Courtney Love’s recent solo album (or just with Hole in general), get this instead because it’s a lot better.

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Label: Propaganda/EMI
Release date: 17th May 2004


  • Sunsets You Know
  • Herione
  • Sandy
  • Monday
  • Loveson
  • Dirty White
  • I Love You
  • God Doesn’t Like Me
  • Rockets
  • Poing
  • Dope Sick Girl
  • Gas
  • Big Brother’s Secret
  • Geisha Nymfo

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