Bigg Jus – Black Mamba Serums v2.0

In it’s original form Black Mamba Serums had a clear direction and target. It was all about how Big Jus, former member of Company Flow, hates hip hop. Or rather, the kind of hip hop that is pushed in our faces day in day out. The kind that is devoid of message, creativity or soul. Then, one week before 11th September 2001, Jus pulled the release as his worldview became increasingly radicalised. He continued to work on the songs in a new world climate and his message turned to attack the US government.


Lyrically, Black Mamba Serums v2.0 is plain-spoken and angry but musically is generally loose and laid back. It gives off a feeling of danger in its reserved nature; the full force of what could be about to happen is bubbling under the surface. This gives an excitement to the album not easily created in programmed music.

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Of course now you’re bound to be wondering what the original version of the album sounded like. Well, never fear, because the original version comes in MP3 format on the CD release.

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Label: Big Dada
Release date: 28th June 2004

CD Audio Tracklisting:

  • NYC Color Designer
  • Kingspitter
  • Plantation Rhymes (Southern Hospitality mix)
  • The Fr8s
  • Silver Back Mountain King
  • I Triceratops
  • The Story Entangles (The Under Flippage)
  • You Must Be Sniffin
  • Moss Pink Coats ’99
  • No Dessert Till You Finish Your Vegetables (Marq Spekt)
  • Dedication To Peo ’97
  • Suburbian Nightmare Texas Size New World Order
  • Say Goodbye

MP3 Tracklisting:

  • It Luvs Me
  • Heavenly Rivers
  • Plantation Rhymes Version
  • Tongue Sandwich
  • Dedication 2 Pray/The Elements
  • Athena
  • The Fr8s
  • Dedication To Peo
  • I Triceratops
  • Gafflin Whips
  • Stop The Gang Killing (interlude)
  • The Story Entangles (original mix)
  • Pipeline Transportation Of The Mind
  • No Dessert Till You Finish Your Vegetables
  • Plantation Rhymes (Southern Hospitality mix)
  • Black Mamba Outro
  • Moss Pink Coats
  • Bub Plate Peo
  • Dub Plate Pipeline
  • Dub Plate Story Entangles
  • Dub Plate Gafflin Whips
  • Hector 205
  • Lockjaw
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