Beth Orton – Comfort Of Strangers (CD Review)

Beth Orton’s fourth album and will be a welcome addition to the libraries of the legion of fans she has built up over the last decade or so. All, bar one of the tracks, are self penned with the exception being the title track which is a collaboration with Jim O’Rourke (producer and Sonic Youth member) and M. Ward.

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There is a generous spirit in these songs that carries through the jauntiness that comes through on even the downbeat tracks and brightens the upbeat tracks without making them pop parodies of themselves. With the focus on the mesmerising vocals of Beth herself the backing instruments are all low key and well chosen for their effect. This collection is a testament to the skill of her songwriting and the skills of those who surrounded her – namely percussionist Tim Barnes and Jim O’Rrourke on bass. ‘Comfort of Strangers’ is a beautiful and delicate creation that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Label : EMI

Release Date : 13 February 2006

Website :

Tracklisting [timing]

  • Worms [2:04]
  • Countenance [2:23]
  • Heartland Truckstop [2:47]
  • Rectify [2:26]
  • Comfort Of Strangers [3:18]
  • Shadow Of A Doubt [3:58]
  • Conceived [3:27]
  • Absinthe [4:02]
  • A Place Aside [2:19]
  • Safe In Your Arms [4:28]
  • Shopping Trolley [2:51]
  • Feral Child [3:35]
  • Heart Of Soul [3:50]
  • Pieces Of Sky [3:11]

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