Ben Arthur – Edible Darling

Ben Arthur makes a particular type of semi-acoustic American rock; the sort that fills the soundtracks of American teen dramas on TV and at the cinema – except for this album’s title track, which sounds amusingly like the theme tune from Minder (had Minder been an American teen drama).

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If you like highly-polished American semi-acoustic rock then this is absolutely for you. Ben Arthur’s talent cannot be called into question, he writes catchy tunes, he lyrics aren’t bad and overall the album sounds good. If you like your music to sound like something might have been left to chance then you should steer clear, because the planning here is meticulous.

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Label: Bardic Records
Websites: |
Release date: 19th July 2004


  • Mary Ann
  • Tonight
  • Broken-Hearted Smile
  • End Of The Day
  • Mercy
  • Instrumental #3
  • Keep Me Around
  • Edible Darling
  • Bloomed
  • Sight Of Your Tears
  • Wake
  • Jesus
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