Being 747 / The Lodger – DIY Prescriptions / Getting Special

This is the first instalment of this year’s Wrath Supersevens Club series of singles. Kicking off proceedings are Being 747 with DIY Prescriptions, a Fall-esque indie-pop song about the possible future of the NHS. It chugs along and features a hooky chorus of “NHS online” that will keep this song in your head forever. It also sounds like part of the percussion was played on a metal railing, which is also nice.

Following straight on are The Lodger, with a far more pleasing song that their previous single (for Dance To The Radio Records), Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion that sounds like Graham Coxon gone disco.

See the Wrath Records website to find details of how to subscribe to the Supersevens Club and get this, five other 7” singles and a CD compilation.

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Label: Wrath Records
Release date: Out now


  1. Being 747 – DIY Prescriptions
  2. The Lodger – Getting Special

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