Badly Drawn Boy – ‘Year Of The Rat’

RELEASE DATE: 19th July 2004

The piano and guitar parts on ‘Year of the Rat‘ will have you asking if our unassuming hero is really the author of what you hear. And the passionately positive lyrical theme will, allied to a tune so classic, you’d swear it came from some ancient ditty, have you smiling. Damon’s music finds the innocent in everyone and disarms them time and time again.

‘Year Of The Rat’ comes with three unreleased tracks. On the CD, ‘Don’t Ask Me I’m Just The President’, a song first aired at Gough’s now legendary performance at Bowie’s 2002 Meltdown includes swipes at Big Brother, Hollyoakes and a certain Mr Bush whilst second track ‘Plan B’ is an epic three part workout originally planned for inclusion on One Plus One Is One.The 7″ includes a live version from Nashville of the albums ONE PLUS ONE IS ONE’s title track.

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Compared to 2002’s micro-detailed ‘Have You Fed The Fish?’, ‘Year Of The Rat’s parent album, ‘One Plus One Is One’ is a much simpler and spacious album. Fundamentally organic and computer-free, it has the space and darkness of Gainsbourg’s Melody Nelson, the pagan folkiness of Paul Giovanni’s Wicker Man soundtrack, and the universal positivity of Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s that ambitious and it connects – with songs about passing on good fortune, looking after friends, encouraging the basic humanity in all of us, and always finding the love that makes us more than just monkeys. To let the sunshine in.

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