Bad Religion – The Empire Strikes First

Bad Religion will have been together for 25 years next year, which I think more than qualifies them to be known as “legendary punks”. Of course, without quality that term means nothing, so you?ll be pleased to know that The Empire Strikes First is an absolutely brilliant album, showing all American punks what they should be doing and the American public as a whole the error of their political and religious ways.

This album is mainly a statement against the Bush administration and the injustices it has served on its public and the world as a whole. This is exemplified perfectly on Let Them Eat War, which is, says vocalist Greg Graffin, “based on the irony that Bush?s policies benefit mainly the very rich yet his greatest support base remains the working poor who are struggling to eat.” Graffin also manages to squeeze in a couple of attacks on the double standards of religion on Atheist Peace and God’s Love.

The Empire Strikes First is smoothly produced but without losing any of its punk edge and keeps them on top as kings of SoCal punk. Even after all these years, no else can do it better.

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Label: Epitaph
Release date: 7th June 2004


  • Overture
  • Sinister Rouge
  • Social Suicide
  • Atheist Peace
  • All There Is
  • Los Angeles Is Burning
  • Let Them Eat War
  • God?s Love
  • To Another Abyss
  • The Quickening
  • The Empire Strikes First
  • Beyond Electric Dreams
  • Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever
  • Live Again (The Fall Of Man)

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