Babar Luck – Care In The Community

Babar Luck is best known as the bassist from King Prawn. In that band he presented himself as the quirkiest, most unhinged and, well let’s just say it, maddest member of a group who were all somewhat odd. And while a glance at his MySpace profile, on which he claims to be a 102 year old female, would suggest that this character still exists, his solo work sees him taking on a more spiritual role.

The first notable thing about Care In The Community is how easily Babar steps into the shoes of a frontman with a voice so commanding that it’s very easy to forget that there’s any music behind him at times. The music fights back with the same rules and the guitar riff that opens the album on 1 Luv is what initially makes you sit up and take notice.

Lyrically, Babar sticks pretty much exclusively to the community around him in East London. Many of the songs promote peace amongst this community and the world as a whole and though the faults of society are clearly pointed out, Babar is not preaching from on high, he freely admits to being a part of this too – on the album’s title tracks and first single he sings, “There’s no care in the community, just sweet disharmony / Everyone’s out for themselves / I’m just for myself.”

The message of community and diversity is not confined just to the lyrics. Both Luck’s vocals and the music on the album mix reggae, punk, folk and hip hop to create a very distinctive and likeable style.

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  • Albums like this don’t get made anymore. Perhaps they never were. Songs like this, I guess you could call these protest songs, normally carry the weight of an ego with them but nowhere is that apparent on Care In The Community – Babar Luck genuinely seems to care about the world and the people around him and also have an unfaltering faith and optimism in them.

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    Label: Rebel Music
    Release date: 13th March 2006


    1. 1 Luv
    2. Care In The Community
    3. The Fight Game
    4. Movies
    5. Raj Kapoor & Nargis
    6. Lions
    7. War Fever
    8. 101 Spiritual
    9. My Friend Used To Be (A Madaxeman)
    10. Kabanee Kamm
    11. Quarter To Eight
    12. Inner Glow

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