Azure Ray – New Resolution

Azure Ray, two former members of Bright Eyes, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, release another single from their third album ‘Hold On Love’. In ‘New Resolution’ Orenda and Maria combine their beautifully emotion laden vocals with swooping strings and fragile guitars and squelching beats. The result is a compelling record that defies any genre you’d think to place it in. The TPS reworking of ‘New Resolution’ instils boundless energy into the track and a touch of The Cure (no bad thing in my book) making it startlingly different to the gentleness of the original. Combine this with the brilliant live version of their previous single ‘The Drinks We Drank Last Night’ and you too will find you cannot say enough good things about this release.

Label : Saddle Creek Europe

Release Date : 26 January 2004

Website :


  • New Resolution
  • The Drinks We Drank Last NIght (Live)
  • New Resolution (TPS Mix)
  • New Resolution (Video)
  • The Drinks We Drank Last NIght (Video)

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