Aviator – Huxley Pig Part 1

This is the first album by an ex-member of Cast. Pete Wilkinson has created what some might call an ethereal electric folk sound for this solo debut. The trouble is, after many listens to this album, I can find nothing really to say about it. As soon as it finishes I cannot recall a single song with any clarity, everything about these songs fades from my consciousness with alarming ease.

So I am forced to conclude that I am either going senile or this is little more than background music.

Label : Viper

Release Date : Out Now


  • Pinhole
  • Huxley Pig
  • Shoot The Crow
  • Dancing Bear
  • Burnin car
  • False Host
  • Transporter
  • I fell Asleep
  • Don’t Trust You, Man
  • Cradle Song

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