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Automato’s eponymous debit is the fortuitous fusion of genres that has resulted from the premiere disco punk producers Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy (aka Death from Above or dfa) working with the six piece hip-hop act. The meeting has blended the sounds of funk from the seventies, the sounds of alternative rock of the eighties and nineties and enlightened and lyrical hip-hop. Having prepared the ground with their debut single ‘Walk Into The Light’ and a series of live dates, they are set to explode with their debut full-length release.

Automato cover art

This album is a knowing, nonchalant and slick. The deep beats combine with samples of guitar, piano, keyboards and more to give a heavy funk that blows the stereotypes away. The raps are inventive and mercifully free of the usual bling/bitch/uzi related posturing. It is the music that set this apart from the rest though. ‘Hope’, for example, is an unexpected and furious blaze of guitars and beats. Then there are tracks like ‘My Casio’ with its gloopy electronic backing to the refrain ‘My Casio never told me there’d be times like these’. Fans of the more old school sound can treasure ‘Gold Of The Desert Kings’ with its mysteriously poetic rhymes. There is something for everyone on this album, and not just for hip-hop aficionados.

The next single by Automato is, appropriately enough, ‘The Single’ to be released on May 10.


Automato have a couple of April live dates remaining as follows:

  • 10th April – LONDON Return to New York @ SE One , London Bridge, SE1
  • 11th April – NOTTINGHAM The Rescue Rooms

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Release Date : 5 April 2004

Website :


  • Focus
  • The Single
  • My Casio
  • Walk Into The Light
  • Gold Of Desert Kings
  • Cool Boots
  • Hollywood And Vine
  • Capes Billowing
  • The Let Go
  • How To Read A Person Like A Book
  • Hope

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