Aurélie – Angel In Ballet Shoes

Everyone I know who took a gap year either spent it working to raise the cash required to get through university or went off travelling. While both of these are admirable in their own way, when you finally get to university you’re going to find that if you worked, people will ask you why you didn’t travel and if you travelled, people will incessantly ask you about “finding yourself” and make jokes behind your back. That’s if they can get a word in edgeways while you complain about not having any money.

What you really need to do is something different, something no one else will have done. If you could turn up at the fresher’s fair with tales of how you spent your year out making an album you’d be the toast of the town. This is what Nick Lewis will be able to do. Even better, the record is actually good!

Teaming up with French vocalist Aurélie Guinard, Lewis has produced a stunning album. Opening with the title track, which pushes the wrong drum beats and guitar lines together like repelling magnets but somehow makes them stick, Angel In Ballet Shoes is an album that some great flair in its music, stripping back to the bare minimum of sounds. Aurélie herself has a voice that is both strange and beautiful; she sings softly, occasionally adding some unnatural noises, while on tracks like Drone and Tear From An Angel, Lewis cuts up and affects her voice digitally to use it as an instrument in its own right.

To give you some points of reference, there are elements of Massive Attack, Sneaker Pimps, PJ Harvey and Carina Round on Angel In Ballet Shoes, but really it’s got a sound and feel all of its own. A rarity in style and elegance.

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Label: Causa Sui
Websites: |
Release date: Out now


  • Angel In Ballet Shoes
  • Lonely Camel
  • Dance With Me
  • Disfigured Fish
  • I Have A Book With Me
  • Drone
  • I’ll Sing For You
  • Tear From An Angel
  • My Friend The Giant
  • Live To Smile
  • Neptune
  • In The City
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