Asian Dub Foundation – Enemy Of My Enemy

ADF’s latest album see them maintaining form with the unique blend of beats and samples, reggae, punk and dub topped off with hard hitting raps and toasts. The new album also features a couple of special guests in the shape of Sinead O’Connor and Ed O’Brien from Radiohead .

Starting with ‘Fortress Europe’, an aural assault of buzzing strings and swooping vocal samples beneath hard pumping bass, furious drums and unmistakable vocals. The scene is set for ADF to let loose, and they do so in style. There is ska tinged dub, disco punk, heavy dub and their own kind of trip hop. Sinead is a surprise on the Morricone-esque ‘1000 Mirrors’ as she sings without many of her vocal trademarks but with her usual passion. All together this is up there with the best of ADF. Buy it. Label : Labels UK

Release Date : Out Now

Website :


  • Fortress Europe
  • Rise To The Challenge
  • La Haine
  • 1000 Mirrors (feat Sinead O’Connor)
  • 19 Rebellions
  • Blowback
  • 2 Face
  • Power To The Small Massive
  • Dhol Rinse
  • Basta
  • Cyberabad
  • Enemy Of The Enemy

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