Ascii.Disko Biography

You’ve already met Ascii.Disko. He’s in the top-end of Brett Anderson’s scream and the back-end of Mudhoney’s fuzz. He’s been stuck in Ian Brown’s throat and slumped at Slayer’s feet. People reckon there’s been bits of him in Madonna, Britney, J-Lo and Whitney, but you can definitely find him in Thurston Moore’s hair and between J. Mascis’ teeth. His are the London streets and Berlin beats. He knows the New York talk and Milan ‘walks. Planes, pretties, trains, cities. Gucci, cocaine, Prada, champagne.

Daniel Holc lives in Hamburg with his girlfriend and her kittens. He spends his weekday’s record hunting, graphic designing and phone calling. On Tuesdays he goes to the offices of his record label, before driving into the woods and running around for a while. Daniel shops at Aldi, PennyMart or the Turkish store next-door. He cleans, cooks and does his own dishes. He watches horror movies in the evenings, apart from on Wednesday’s when he goes to the Kill ’em All clubnight instead. He occasionally takes drugs and sometimes goes to the gym, giving his life a sense of balance.

Ascii.Disko’s debut album is crack-addictive, proto/retro, fun, fresh and funky. You’ll hear Moroder, Funky Town, Jan Hammer, Kraftwerk, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and a happy Hamburg split-personality having the time of his life. ‘Immer’ slags-off capitalists; ‘Ne Travaillez Jamais’ is punk rock; ‘Strassen’ highlights fashion vanity; ‘Cool’ slates the eighties. ‘Jetzt’ is a minimal mantra and ‘AldiMarkt’ a fuck-you groove. ‘Einfach’ laughs at purists, ‘Je Veux’ apes booty bass and ‘Photos’ is pure, perfect pop. ‘Schanze’, the album’s closer, explains Hamburg, growing up and being different.

Independent Playboy or Interdependent homeboy? Fuck indie, pop and glam rock. Fuck techno, house and electroclash. Fuck 303’s and electric guitars.

Daniel Holc is Ascii Disko. Let’s wreck and roll.

Nick Doherty (freelance music journalist, london)

“ascii.disko is what I envision the future of music will be. he holds the knowledge in his hands of just how to work his tracks so they sound just as good on a Saturday night as they do on a Tuesday morning while getting ready for the day. this is what good music is all about, and ascii.disko is good as it gets!” Tommy Sunshine


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