Ascii.Disko is a man named Daniel Holc. He is resident of Hamburg, a graphic designer, record collector and owns a record label.

Ascii.Disko is also an album. The album, from start to finish, is hard house from the old school with enough twists of modernity added to make it as fresh and as vital as anything else about today. Echoes of Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder are clear; but there is an edge to these songs that makes them a very different listen. Ascii.Disko takes a sarcastic approach, one that is often punk in its scathing worldview and pure energy. All that tames these songs is the humour, funk, glam and the fine balance struck between them all.

The album begins with the pounding and squelching of ‘Immer’ and the warped and glitchy ‘Strassen’ before cooling down for the distant and mocking ‘Cool’. In amongst them is the first single to be taken from the album is ‘Ne Travaillez Jamais’, whose high synths and stomping beats create a relentless and irresistible dance energy. It is backed with ‘Jack Your Body To The Beat’, an old school name for an old school song rendered in croaky voice effects, handclaps and drum machine. The solidly simplistic ‘Einfach’ creates impressively intense interludes of tuneful noise between sparse house beats.

The eponymous Ascii.Disko album is out now; the single ‘Ne Travaillez Jamais’ is out on April 5th.

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Label : Lado Musik

Release Date : 2 February 2004

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  • Immer
  • Ne Travaillez Jamais
  • Strassen
  • Cool
  • Setzt
  • Aldmarkt
  • Einfach
  • Jack Your Body To The Beat
  • Moi, Je Veux
  • Photos
  • Schanze

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