Arco – Restraint (CD Review)

It’s been 4 years since Arco’s debut album, Coming To Terms, won them widespread acclaim and, despite the long gap, Restraint looks set to continue the trend.

Restraint is not just the album’s title but a single word that sums up the whole thing; it’s quiet, simple and ready to burst with emotion. Chris Healey sings with a stripped-back vocal intensity similar to Frankie Machine, while he and the rest of the band (Dave Milligan and Nick Healey) gently lilt in such a relaxed manner that it’s a wonder they don’t drop their instruments sometimes.

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Fans of Belle & Sebastian and the aforementioned Mr Machine will love this. And so will everyone else, for that matter.

Label: Dreamy
Release date: 18th October 2004


  1. Diary
  2. Stream
  3. Perfect World
  4. Dunwich
  5. Silent Wonder
  6. Somehow
  7. Meant
  8. Get Through This
  9. Second Skin
  10. Last Bus
  11. Happy New Year

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