Aqua Vista – Go Feral

Rapido, Nimoy and Enrico; Or Surf rockers Aqua Vista as they are also known – give classic Dick Dale, beach psychobillia style instrumentals in abundance on their debut 7″ mini LP. Starting out with a classy and damn funky retake on Kraftwerks ‘The Model‘ they lure you into their Beach Boys (but with attitude!) world.

This record is both bass and adrenaline fuelled and wholly a delight to listen, dance and drink to. It sways from the brooding to the ecstatic with style and ever present energy. Aqua Vista are favourites of John Peel (They have done two sessions for him already and have had several plays on his show), and are touring the UK now before moving on to Europe and the States.

Contact Purr Records via their website for details of how to get this excellent mini LP on heavyweight 7″ vinyl.

A sun bleached 4/5

Label : Purr Records

Release Date : 26 August 2002

Website :


Side A

  • The Model
  • Danger Men
  • Q: Est Ce Que Nous Sommes En Vacances?
  • A: Oui, Nous Sommes En Vacances.
  • Side B

  • Tiger 100
  • Viva Quatro
  • Get Your Coat On, You’ve Pulled
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