Animal Collective – Sung Tongs

Animal Collective have been causing a stir with their organic and left field electronica (or East Coast Out-Folk as it is known). They have been likened to Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Devandra Bernhardt, Joy Division and the Rolling Stones. They are, to say the least, hard to pin down.

Their latest album ‘Sung Tongs’ builds itself up from deconstructed vocal samples mashed together with upbeat folktronica. There are broken beats, found sounds, warped effects amongst the bouts of harmony and discordance that pull together (and sometimes apart) to create a vibe akin to suffering a complete, although pleasurable, mental breakdown at a campfire sing-a-long.

Animal Collective are playing a couple of UK gigs as a prelude to their upcoming US tour with Black Dice, catch them here…

  • May 4th – Brighton, UK – Po Nan Na
  • May 6th – London – Electricity Showrooms

Label : Fat Cat

Release Date : 3 May 2004

Website :

MP3 Downloads :


  • Leaf House
  • Who Could Win A Rabbit
  • The Softest Voice
  • Winters Love
  • Kids On Holiday
  • Sweet Road
  • Visiting Friends
  • College
  • We Tigers
  • Mouth Wooed Her
  • Good Lovin Outside
  • Whaddit I Done

Animal Collective are Avey Tare (Dave), Panda Bear (Noah), Geologist (Brian), and Deakin (Josh)

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