Amplifier – Amplifier

Describing Amplifier is no easy task. Their songs are long (only four of the
ten on this album are under six minutes) with big riffs and sections of what
might be called noodling, though no guitars solos to speak of exactly. The easiest
thing now would be to say that this band are the new Tool but that’s still wide
of the mark. It’s only possible to understand Amplifier fully once you understand
their perspective.

After a youth spent in drum n bass and techno clubs in Manchester, the three
members of the band set about recreating the euphoria of that music within the
more traditional rock band set up. Rather than taking the sound direct from
dance music and splicing it into their music like Pitchshifter, they’ve simply
taken the feeling and applied it to rock. This is what makes it so difficult
to classify this music without that knowledge; there is no trace of dance music
as such, just a feeling and a certain approach to dynamics.

Whatever perspective you view this album from, however, the most basic and important
point to get across is that this is a brilliant album.

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Label: Music For Nations
Websites: |
Release date: 3rd May 2004


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