Ammoncontact – On In An Infinity Of Ways

Los Angeles duo Carlos Niño and Fabian Ammon, currently trading as Ammoncontact, have been friends since high school and over the last few years have been building a strong underground reputation with a string of releases through labels including Eastern Developments, Soul Jazz and Plug Research. For their latest release that have settled at Ninja Tune, which really is the perfect home for their hip hop-based mix of samples and live instrumentation.


One in An Infinity of Ways

Mostly instrumental, tracks like Keepintime, one of the few to feature any words at all (8 in total) show off the best of a style that has been labelled “machine funk” and following it, Through The Moon shows how to build on one loop slowly and in a minimal but very effective way. This approach does have its downside though, that being that the pair can get hooked on one idea for too long, eventually running out of steam and clattering to a halt. In the right mood this can put you into a trance-like state, enveloping you in music. In the wrong mood it just gets a bit tedious.

One In An Infinity Of Ways really pushes the boundaries of hip hop and tests what is possible within the confines of a genre. Innovation is the key, though the payoff is not always ideal, when they do hit the mark, they hit it hard.

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Label: Ninja Tune
Release date: 1st November 2004


  1. Dreamy
  2. healing Vibrations
  3. Keepintime
  4. Through The Moon
  5. Funk Is For Funky
  6. Wu Woomp Woomp
  7. Wu Wu Woomp
  8. Good Life To Groove
  9. Like Waves Of The Sea
  10. Love Letters
  11. Ballad Of The Untitled
  12. One In An Infinity Of Ways
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